The Dreyer Foundation supports large Utzon exhibition in Venice

Louisiana c/o is Louisiana’s new mobile exhibition concept that opened at the Venice Architecture Biennale with ”The Architects Universe – Jørn Utzon – Processes and Visions.”

Louisiana c/o is Louisiana art museum’s new international art venue that isn’t tied to Copenhagen or a specific location. The first time Louisiana c/o exhibited was in September 2008, when the museum showed an exhibition of Jørn Utzon in the Palazzo Franchetti in connection with Europe’s most prestigious architecture event – the Venice Architecture Biennale.

- Louisiana c/o is a new way of thinking about the museum in a global, mobile world. It brings the museum and the presentation traditions it stands for out into other contexts than the local position determines, says Louisiana’s spokesperson Susanne Hertz. She is very thankful that Dreyers Fond has taken on the task of supporting the exhibition of Jørn Utzon in Venice and she emphasizes that Louisiana c/o as a concept can’t be realized without sponsors to finance the project.

In 2002, Louisiana showed the first large-scale exhibition of Jørn Utzon, and the museum was able to use that knowledge to create yet another chapter in the story about Utzon’s visionary work process. Characteristic for Utzon was that he drew on knowledge and experiences from many different cultures and disciplines – for example from mathematics and natural sciences, music and art.

Jørn Utzon died in 2008 at the age of 90. The exhibition was also a tribute to the visionary and idiosyncratic work Utzon was known for.

The Dreyer Foundation awarded Jørn Utzon the foundation’s Prize of Honor in 2006, and support for the Utzon exhibition in Venice shows further confirmation of the foundation’s acknowledgement of Jørn Utzon as a great master and a unique role model – not only for Danish architects but also for the whole world.

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