Denmark now has a new voice in architecture

In February, architects, designers and other creative types got a new voice in the field of architecture – arkitekturM – with support from The Dreyer Foundation.

For generations, Arkitekten has been Denmark’s leading architecture publication. But now a new architecture magazine, arkitekturM, is looking to claim the top spot. arkitekturM is an independent professional medium that sees its mission as encouraging and lifting the general quality of Danish design and architecture by:

1) Covering, selecting and asking about and contributing to the analysis of problem areas in society within architects and designers possible fields of action (scope).  

2) Critically analyzing findings in relation to the subject’s socio-political conditions

3) Conveying international results of architects and designers work in relation to significant problem areas.

4) Delivering research results concerning these problem areas.

5) Strengthening the internal discussion of the working conditions and terms that architects and designers deal with.

According to editor Keld Vindum, the magazine’s form will change on an ongoing basis so that it’s a dynamic medium that encourages active, involved reading.

With its donation to arkitekturM, Dreyers Fond has been a part of creating the platform that Arkitektens Forlag (The Danish Architectural Press), with their sense of quality, has created the new medium on.

Link to The Danish Architectural Press